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Who are we?

Tenma Health Care Services (Townsville & Cairns)

Tenma Health Care Services (THCS) is a newly establishing business serviceing Cairns and Townsville that provides a wide range of support services to clients with a disability. Our support services are available to people of any age, ability, need or background. We value diversity and understand that no two people are the same. Therefore, we work closely with the participant and their family to build flexible and practical supports that meet their individual needs and meet their goals. At Tenma Health Care Services, we have experienced Mental Health Nurses, Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Assistant in Nursing and Support Workers. We provide quality disability support services under the National Disability and Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We are committed to providing a safe environment and high-quality support to all participants who use our services.

Our ultimate strength as disability support provider lies at our diversity, because each of us knows something different to offer and will make up the all-inclusive.

THCS understand that everyone is unique, and their care management is different.

Our Basic Principals

Rights for participants

Our support workers acknowledge the right of participants to be left alone, uninterrupted as well as free from intrusion and public attention.


The client rights to confidentiality are safeguarded.

Access to Information

Every participant has a right to information about the objectives of their care and a detailed explanation of the service being offered.


Our staff do not discriminate against participants on the grounds of race, nationality, language, gender, religion and beliefs, age, sex or sexual orientation, social standing.

Dignity, independence, and individuality

Irrespective of the severity of their physical difficulties or mental infirmity this is respected and maintained.

Fulfilment of aspirations

To have their social, emotional, religious, cultural, political as well as sexual needs accepted and respected.


Participants and their family members are consulted regarding day to day living arrangements plus enabled to take part in discussions regarding any kind of suggested changes to those arrangements and be completely involved in as well as fully advised regarding the individual assessment of their care necessities.

Dignity of risk

Dignity of risk promotes each person’s autonomy and self determination to make their choices.

Family, friends, and advocates

The participant is supported to maintain continued access to family, friends, facilities, and the community.